30% Off All Orders Over $100 USD

We don’t usually have a sale on our items over $100, but we are just overwhelmed by the amount of pendants we’ve saved over the years. We easily have 2,500 pendants and probably over 10,000 blessed bracelets.

This sale will be for all orders over $100 USD that have not had any special sales prices already given out. What we mean is, if you have already asked us for a special price on something, and we have given you one, then you cannot apply the 30% discount on top of that.

There are many items in the store that are marked down from the original price. If you see it online, then yes, you can apply this discount on top of that discount.

Hope that makes sense!

We will be having this sale on items and orders over $100 for at least a week.

Order everything you want. We’ll send it. When you have received all items, email us and let us know. We’ll apply the discount to your order the same day (within 24 hours).

If you have a Buddhist pendant store, necklace store, or some other venue where you want to sell Buddhist amulets, bracelets, necklaces, or something else in bulk, just email us and ask what we can do. We really do have too many pendants to sell at this time, so we can give you a great deal – very close to the price we got the pendants for originally.


Abby :)

Click one of the below Buddhist figures to learn more and find amulets:

The Buddha – Happy Buddha – Jinaraj Buddha – Somdej Buddha

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Jatukam Ramathep –  Thai Black Magic – Buddha Relics

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