Meditation Coaching for New/Seasoned Meditators (Online, from Thailand)

Many of our customers and people who find us online are Buddhist, Hindu, or follow Zen tradition and have a meditation practice. We know because many have asked us over the years whether we could recommend any books or meditation coaching service where they could get help to further refine, adjust, or reset their meditation practice.

Any Problems with Your Meditation Sessions or Practice?

Most of us are constantly reminded during our meditation sessions that we don’t really feel like we know what we’re doing. There is a lot of learning that takes place during sessions and the road to reach our goals – if we even have any clear meditation goals – is sometimes fuzzy or cloudy.

Everyone has problems but not everyone works on them. Usually, people just stop meditating.

What if you could fix any meditation problems you have with just a phone call?

Who Can Teach You Meditation?

Author and meditation teacher, Vern Lovic, has meditated for years and has gone through many levels of meditation just with a very simple practice of focusing on the feeling of the breath at the nose. It may be strange for you to hear, but Buddha did basically just this when he became enlightened.

He came to Thailand to further his understanding of meditation because he couldn’t find good teachers in the USA who could explain to him what was happening with his practice.

He went to many temples in Thailand to speak with the monks there and found 3 temples very helpful: Wat Pa Nanachat, Wat Nong Pa Pong, and Wat Suan Mokkh.

These are all Buddhist temples following the “Forest Tradition.” The first two are in Thailand’s northeast – Ubon Ratchathani in the subdistrict of Warin Chamrap. These temples were founded by Ajahn Chah, the most well-known of forest tradition teachers.

Many English-speaking monks joined Ajahn Chah’s temples and learned how to meditate properly.

Wat Suan Mokkhabalaram (Mokkh for short) can be found north of the town of Surat in Thailand’s south. Buddhadassa started this temple in the forest tradition and had some Western monks stay for decades.

What Sort of Meditation Practice is Best?

For each person, there is a best meditation practice, but you’ll need to figure it out!

Teacher Vern can help you with a quick one or two-hour meditation coaching call to anywhere in the world with internet. He has only been offering this specific service for about a year and it is catching on quickly.

The formula for a productive meditation session and practice shouldn’t really be a secret, but it’s hard to distill it down from all the additional steps and instructions that Buddhism and other religions add to it.

What Is a Meditation Coaching Call?

A one or two-hour meditation coaching call usually goes like this. Every call is different, but these are the basics you can expect.

  1. Intro – You both introduce yourselves and tell a little bit about who you are, your practice, and what sort of issues you have and would like to change.
  2. Some goals are agreed upon for your practice. You may not want to become enlightened. You may not want to be a monk sitting in a temple in Thailand or Burma. You might just want a way to relax or slow down at the end of a difficult day. All goals are valid and you choose.
  3. Specific issues are addressed. Any problem or uncertainty you have about your meditation practice will be addressed and a simple plan for working through or around them is suggested.
  4. A plan of action is created. This may be all you need for months at a time, or literally forever. It all depends on your goals for your practice. Usually, anything you need to clear up can be resolved in one meditation call of 1-2 hours. Some people want or need a series of calls to reach their goals.

How Can You Learn More About Vern’s Meditation Coaching?

Wherever you are in the world, a meditation coaching call to get you back on track to a productive path is just a phone call away. Why not send a quick note and see if your questions or problems can be resolved? If so, book a call and get back on the path leading to the goals you’ve decided for your practice?

Anyone is welcome, from absolute beginners who never tried, all the way to monks who are looking for a way to break through the layers of superficiality that have blocked you from progressing.

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