New Meditation for Beginners Book – Secrets for Success

Meditation for Beginners - Secrets for Success book by Mark Lovic.
This is Lovic’s second meditation book. The first is “Meditation for Beginners – a 22-Day How To Meditate Course.

Mark has been working hard on a book that has been in his head for over a decade. Finally he finished it!

Meditation for Beginners – Secrets for Success is a book unlike most other Buddhist meditation instruction books. This one all but eliminates “Buddhism”. Mark’s approach is that Buddhism came after the Buddha was enlightened. Buddha didn’t have the benefit, or the hindrance, of Buddhism – and he made it. You can too.

This book distills down to the bare elements what is needed for a successful meditation practice. Basically the book teaches meditating on the breath and mindfulness. Those two things are the keys to a fulfilling practice.

The book is available for just at (Click here)

Or, you can find another easier book to digest by clicking HERE.

With Metta!

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