Tiger Cave Temple Mountain Shrine Video

Tiger Cave Temple Mountain Top Shrine – Video

After a 1,256 step climb you have access to the most incredible views around Krabi, Thailand. The climb will take 40 minutes for your first time. Drink often and go slowly, you’ll make it. I saw a woman over 80 years old at the top. This is a tour of the top of the mountain shrine area. VERY AWESOME!

It’s a long climb. You can come early in the morning – 6 am if you want. Sunrise is about 6:30am (0630). The temple closes at dark to visitors. There are no lights on the steps. Bring a flashlight if you want to stay for sunset and afterward. It’s dark on the steps about 1850 hours (6:50pm). Bring a bottle so you can fill it up with cold water at the top. The water is clean – and pumped UP the mountain, and filtered. I’ve drank the water over 600 times – and I’ve not been sick from it.

Kids can make it – if over 5 or 6 and you might have to carry them a bit. Climbing 1,237 steps can’t be that good for young knees.

Sometimes there are red monkeys at the top – don’t stare at them – they are much more aggressive than the grey monkeys. Grey monkeys (macaques) can also bite, please don’t stare at them or smile and show your teeth. They take it as aggression toward them. If a monkey jumps on your back or climbs you, just relax and don’t hit it or scream.

Do give the dog(s) at the top some of your food since they come to the top to escape the other dogs that fight with them at the bottom over food.

Tiger Cave Temple, Southern Thailand – Wat Tum Sua. Visit!

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