3 Amulets for Good Health and Recovery from Illness

We have been flooded with requests to list some of our Thai amulets that are for good health in this time (October 2023). We haven’t traditionally focused on this area because most Buddha amulets are said to convey some good health aspects with them.

There are a few good health amulets we recommend.

1. Jatukam Ramathep Amulets

Jatukam Ramathep surrounded by Rahu demons in this silver coin from Wat Mahathat in Nakhon Si Thammarat Buddhist temple.
Jatukam Ramathep is surrounded by Rahu Demons – an amulet to ward off evil, harm, disease, and bad health effects.

Jatukam Ramathep amulets for health, getting rid of viruses and diseases like cancer and for protection from harm from guns, knives, and other weapons. Jatukam Ramathep amulets sold out in Southern Thailand for a long time as news of their effectiveness spread in the local newspapers, online, and on television.

We bought many of these protection amulets when we could because we had requests almost daily for which amulet might be best for protecting health and safety.

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2. Phra Pidta Amulets

Fancy white Phra Pidta amulet with fancy silver case for necklace.
Phra Pidta in Jhana level meditation – an ideal amulet for health and protection from disease and illness.

Phra Pidta is the monk you see seated in meditation (cross-legged) and with hands over his eyes. This symbolizes Phra (monk) Pidta (closed-eyes) experiencing the supernatural realms of Jhana which is beyond all bad luck, evil, bad health, disease, viruses, and so on.

Thais and others across the globe have been ordering our Phra Pidta health amulets for over a decade. These amulets are direct from the Buddhist temples near our home. We have a good variety of amulets to help you during your time of need.

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3. Ganesh Amulets (Elephant)

Gold Ganesh Amulet Size 4
We have many styles of Ganesh health amulets for you to choose from!

Ganesh is the Hindu god of obstacles from India. Buddhists originated in India and many share some of the Hindu beliefs, as you might imagine. Ganesh is the son of Shiva and was given the power to create and remove obstacles in people’s lives.

In Thailand this belief is widespread. In many housing complexes around the country, you’ll find a massive shrine and a big gold elephant – a Ganesh – on top of it. People make promises to Ganesh that if he will just remove some obstacle in their life they will make sacrifices to him and thank him daily for a certain period of time.

Students do this in Bangkok at universities daily as they hope Ganesh will give them a passing grade on their reports, and exams.

Ganesh is the first place many people go for relief from cold virus symptoms, cancer, injury, and other bad health situations that they and other loved ones are experiencing.

We have many Ganesh amulets – see some below.

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