Re: Us Buying Your Buddha or Other Buddhist Pendants

We don’t buy any Buddha or other Buddhist pendants from anywhere other than the temples we visit. We have had a lot of people recently asking us to buy their pendants from here or there. We just don’t buy any from outside the temples we know and respect. The possibility for fake pendants is very … Read more

Solid Silver Buddha Jayanti 2600 Limited Edition Amulet

We have been focusing on buying very high quality pendants for the last year. Solid silver pendants are one of our favorites because they last forever, and you can hand them down to your children or other loved ones when you pass. We all pass eventually, and it’s nice to be able to give people … Read more

Solid Silver Blue Shield Thai Buddha Pendant

This is another solid silver Buddha amulet, this one is in the Sothorn Buddha style. Sothorn Buddha comes from a famous Thai Buddhist temple in Chachoengsao province called, “Wat Sothorn.” There is a rich history behind this temple and the originator. I’ll create an info page about it in the next few days. All our … Read more