Meditation Coaching for New/Seasoned Meditators (Online, from Thailand)

Join Vern Lovic for meditation coaching to help get your practice on track again.

Many of our customers and people who find us online are Buddhist, Hindu, or follow Zen tradition and have a meditation practice. We know because many have asked us over the years whether we could recommend any books or meditation coaching service where they could get help to further refine, adjust, or reset their meditation … Read more

What Are the Top 5 Thai Amulets?

This is a solid bronze or iron Somdej Toh replica figurine in the shape of an unblossomed lotus flower called, "Prok Pho."

The top 5 Thai amulets you can purchase are all Somdej Amulets from a long time ago. Most of the top Thai amulets are not for sale, but if you bid high enough, you may be able to purchase one for millions of U.S. Dollars. What are the top 5 Thai amulet styles is the … Read more

3 Amulets for Good Health and Recovery from Illness

Small tricolor Phra Pidta amulet with thin gold rim case.

We have been flooded with requests to list some of our Thai amulets that are for good health in this time (October 2023). We haven’t traditionally focused on this area because most Buddha amulets are said to convey some good health aspects with them. There are a few good health amulets we recommend. 1. Jatukam … Read more

Meditation for Beginners – Second Book Almost Finished

Meditation for Beginners - Secrets for Success book by Mark Lovic.

My husband has been writing a couple of books about meditation for beginners over the past decade plus. The first book was a real success and has sold a few thousand copies already at The title is, “Meditation for Beginners – A 22-Day Course”. Here is the information page for it at our main … Read more

Ajarn Jumnien of Wat Tham Suea Temple – is Home!

It’s a rare day when Ajarn Jumnien returns to his home temple. He is a very busy abbot, and constantly traveling the world to give meditation courses. For the most part, he is staying at a temple in Ratchaburi these days. We are glad to have him back at Wat Tham Suea for many reasons. … Read more

Big Thai Amulet Shopping Trip – Finished

Buddha artwork and shrine at Wat Tham Seua in Krabi, Thailand, a popular Buddhist temple.

We went on a big pendant shopping trip over the past few days. If you ordered during that time, you received a “Vacation Notice” from the auto-responder rest assured, we got your amulet, necklace, and bracelet orders and will be processing them today and tomorrow as we get back to normal. We stopped at 9 … Read more

Thai Amulet Restocking Trip – Success

We took a road trip to one of our favorite temples, and the most famous Buddhist temple in southern Thailand today. The purpose of the trip was to visit with a friend of mine that just had another baby – this one a girl! So I visited with her and her son, while my hubby … Read more