Good Luck Amulets

This is a collection of our good luck pendant collections you can browse. Or, if you want one of our BEST AMULETS FOR LUCK >

Good Luck Amulets | Buddha, Phra Pidta, Ganesh, Aj. Jumnien

  • Buddha – all Buddha pendants are said to bring general luck.
  • Ganesh – God of Obstacles, both removing and setting. Many Thai students and others in Thailand ask special requests of Ganesh to get through a difficult time. They promise to do something in return for the favor.
  • Jatukam Ramathep – primarily for protection, but one could say to be protected is good luck! Jatukam pendants here, the previous link was for history.
  • Ajahn Jumnien – Thailand’s “Good Luck Monk” from Wat Tham Seua Buddhist Temple.
  • Luang Por Klai – the monk for protection in natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, etc. We have some of these amulets, and we’re working to get them up on the site. Please be patient.
  • Nang Kwak – This pendant is specifically for money coming in, prosperity and wealth. In many Buddhist retail stores and restaurants, you can see small altars in the front room with a usually red Nang Kwak figure beckoning inside customers with her hand waving. In Thailand, the hand waves like this to mean “enter, come here.”
  • Phra Pidta – Monk with hands over eyes, deep in Jhana concentration. Said to be on a higher plane and in touch with the magical world.
  • Takrut – These are rolled scrolls which are found in all of our blessed bracelets, and also as separate pendants designed to protect and give luck to the wearer. Takrut are very common among Thai pendant wearers in Thailand.