Chinnarat (Jinarat) Buddha Style Amulets | Buddhist History

[Last Updated: 3 March 2024]

Chinnarat (or Jinarat) Style Buddhas

These Buddhas come from the first pendant made like this in the Sukhothai style. This representation of Buddha has a flaming halo around the outside of the body of Buddha – outlining him.

The original and most sacred Phra Buddha Chinnarat is located at the Buddhist temple – “Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat” in the Central Thailand province of Phitsanulok. This Buddha statue is highly regarded among Thais as being the most magnificent and stunning Buddha image anywhere in Thailand and some say anywhere in the entire world.

Most Buddhist temples sell a version of this style of Buddha – if they sell pendants at all. We have a good selection of these pendants HERE.

Characteristics of Chinnarat Buddha Pendants

  • Buddha seated
  • pointed crown
  • one or both hands in lap
  • monk robe is over one shoulder
  • seated on a platform with at least 2 levels
  • curving flames surround Buddha on both sides

This Buddha representation usually shows Buddha as having four fingers of flame surrounding the outside perimeter of the Buddha’s body and his eyebrows are quite distinct.

The original in Phitsanulok has four such flames and 18 smaller flickers of flame on each side of Buddha’s head, culminating in one larger flame at the top center. In the original, there are two Naga (serpents), one on each side which appear to be part of the flaming outline.

There is another copy of this Buddha style at the Benchamabophit Temple in Bangkok. The two images are quite stunning to see and highly recommended if you would like to see something of Thai culture that many tourists never get the chance to see.

In Thai, the name of the temple is พระพุทธชินราช). Buddha’s posture is “overcoming Mara” (Thai: ปางมารวิชัย), and it is also called the “Mara submission posture”.

This Chinnarat Buddha was first made here at the temple in about 1800 years after Buddha reached nirvana (Nibbana, enlightenment) by Thailand’s 5th King, King Mahathamaracha Lithai of the Sukhothai dynasty.

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Below we have the history of some important Buddhist figures and concepts.


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  1. I have been given a thai amulet by a friend. I asked if she had any information about the amulet and she said she did not. I am wondering uf anyone can tell me anything about it. Ideas about age, where and who made it, current value, meanings, anything at all.
    I am thankful to have been given this buddha and want to know all i can so when people ask i can apprpriately respond. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.


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