Thai Amulet for Luck? (Read for Info)

It is your LUCKY day!

Which Amulet to Buy for Luck?

Across the world, there are so many different pendants people claim will bring luck to the wearer. On this page, we only focus on what we know – Buddhist pendants for luck. Theravada Buddhist pendants from Thailand, direct from the temple. We never buy pendants from individuals. We ONLY buy at the temple so we can in-turn offer them to you.

A small waterproof Phra Pidta pendant in gold and with a plastic waterproof case that will last for years.
Our waterproof gold-plated Phra Pidta amulet. Only one left. We do have other styles.

Every pendant we sell for luck has been blessed by the monks at whichever Buddhist temple we purchased the pendants from originally.

Monks chant almost endlessly over the most powerful pendants for luck. At the temple, pendants range in price from around 300 Thai Baht to more than 15,000 THB.

The amount of power or the amount of expected reward from wearing a pendant has something to do with the type of amulet, the chanting, and the auspiciousness of the time the pendants were created and chanted over. All of this is reflected in the price.

Expensive pendants for luck have been chanted over by dozens of monks over many hours.

Buddha Pendants for Luck

Though “Buddha Pendants” are said to be lucky, they are for general luck, and it isn’t defined well anywhere that we’ve ever seen (a credible source) about what kinds of luck one could expect wearing a lucky Buddha amulet.

There are so many styles of Buddha amulet, but the pendants that are most well-known for being lucky are: the Sothorn Buddha; Chinnarat Buddha; Somdej Toh Buddha; and the happy Buddha, laughing Buddha, smiling Buddha. Any of these Buddha amulets can bring luck and general well-being.

Reverse side of Sothorn Buddha made in solid silver and from the most famous southern Temple in Thailand, the thousands of years old Wat Mahathat in Nakhon province.
The back of our lucky solid silver Sothorn Buddha pendant with a special lotus yant design from Nakhon Si Thammarat’s Wat Mahathat temple in southern Thailand. Buy here >

The main point of buying a Buddha pendant is to remind you of Buddha and ask yourself in various situations throughout your day –

“What Would Buddha Do?”

Some of our best Buddha Pendants for Luck

A solid silver oval shaped Sothorn Buddha pendant from Wat Mahathat temple in Southern Thailand (Nakhon Si Thammarat). Exceptional design, and very rare. Control number engraved on front.

One of our favorite Sothorn Buddha pendants for years, we’re finally ready to let it go for someone else to enjoy!
Find it here.

Somdej Toh Petrified Wood Triangle Amulet 5 - WLK Collection

Solid petrified wood millions of years old hand-crafted into Somdej Buddha pendants for luck.
Find here.

Phra Pidta Amulets for Luck with Money, Life

One of the best lucky pendants in existence today is the Phra Pidta blessed pendant from Thailand. Phra Pidta is probably familiar to you as the naked monk sitting cross-legged and covering his eyes. This is a representation of the monk being deep in Jhana, the supramundane plane.

In this Jhana state, the monk is said to exist in the supernatural realm and all things are possible. Certainly all Abhinna powers (abhijna). The Abhinna powers allow monks to see the future, see unborn souls, see past lives, and more.

Phra Pidta is probably the best pendant for luck and the one we recommend more than any other. If you want the highest level of prosperity, luck, and protection, We have some Phra Pidta pendants waiting for you. See below.

Our Best Phra Pidta Amulets for Luck

Rare Phra Pidta White Jade Amulet 1 in the collection.

Solid white jade Phra Pidta. Highly recommended pendant for luck and health.
Find here.

Phra Pidta clay and metal pendants from Thailand.

The clay Phra Pidta is rare and we only have 1.
Contact us to buy.

Ajahn Jumnien Seelasettho Amulets for a Lucky Life

Ajahn Jumnien is our beloved monk from the Buddhist temple close to our home called Wat Tham Seua. This large temple is located at the base of a 280-meter-high limestone mountain. Ajahn Jumien had the foresight to build a concrete staircase up the side of the mountain leading to a gigantic gold Buddha and Chedi at the top. Tourists climb it by the hundreds every day.

Ajahn Jumnien’s luck pendants are highly sought after. We have probably sold more Aj. Jumnien pendants to people from Singapore than anywhere else in the world. Aj. Jumnien makes frequent trips to Singapore and Malaysia to give meditation instruction to people at various temples.

Because we live near the temple, we get the very best pendants with Aj. Jumnien’s blessing each year. Here are some you will likely not find anywhere else.

Our Best Ajahn Jumnien Seelasettho Lucky Amulets

Oval shaped solid silver Ajahn Jumnien monk pendant from Wat Tham Seua in Krabi, Thailand. Reverse side.

Solid silver tri-color Aj. Jumnien amulet, is rare and impossible to find elsewhere.
Find here.

A small waterproof Ajahn Jumnien good luck pendant from Wat Tham Seua in Southern Thailand.

Another rare Aj. Jumnien good luck pendant from Wat Tham Seua temple in Krabi. Affordable.
Find here.

Nang Kwak Amulet for Luck in Business and Personal Prosperity

You probably have already seen Nang Kwak pendants and not know what they were. Nang Kwak is a female with long hair. She has a traditional Thai dress and is usually kneeling with her feet under her body. Her right hand is beckoning in customers and money.

In Buddhist-owned stores across the globe, these statues are usually in the main room of the business or home.

Nang Kwak is a powerful symbol of prosperity, and believers insist on one or more Nang Kwak’s at their home and place of business. We have some white jade Nang Kwak pendants for luck you can order them below.

Nang Kwak Amulets for Luck

Nang Kwak White Jade Amulet 4 - WLK Collection

White Jade Nang Kwak luck pendants from Wat Lahn Kuat. Super rare.
Find here.


There are many types of good luck pendants around the world. The Buddhist pendants for luck are some of the best, we believe the absolute best.

If you are looking for a pendant to bring you luck with money and business – Phra Pidta is our first choice recommendation. If you already know Nang Kwak, she is also a world-class figure for luck in business.

If you’re looking for luck in life and in general, all things, the Ajahn Jumnien Lucky Amulets are exceptional. If you’re Thai, you probably believe Luang Phor Thuad is the good luck pendant you require.

If you’re looking for protection pendants – protection from harm, and evil, either the Ajahn Jumnien 7-Graveyards Amulet, or any of the Jatuam Ramathep pendants are best.

If you’re looking for luck with some event in your life, Ganesh amulets are specifically for events you want to go smoothly, to go your way. Events like weddings, graduation, proposal, getting a job, doing well in an athletic competition, and other events is what Ganesh pendants are specifically for. Removing and placing obstacles is what Ganesh, the God of Obstacles, does.