Jatukam Amulet Videos

Jatukam (Jatukum) Ramathep Amulet Videos

Jatukam (Jatukum) pendants originated in southern Thailand in the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat at Wat Pra Mahathat Theravada Buddhist temple in the center of the city. We have been there many times to source these pendants – and we’re always pleasantly surprised by what we find. Recently we found another 15 of these pendants which we’ll put in nice gold cases – as soon as we can afford to!

Jatukam pendants are primarily protection amulets. Protection from bullets, knives, other accidents and harm inflicted by men or nature. These pendants took off about 5 years ago and the craze still hasn’t died down. Thais in Nakhon, Surat, Bangkok, and Isaan still wear these faithfully around their necks and believe completely in their power. There are many kinds of Jatukam available these days – but, those from Nakhon si Thammarat are the originals and the best – those imbued with the highest power.

We have only shown a couple of Jatukam videos below, but we have about 11 different Jatukams in total. Please see the pages at the “Click here” links to see what we have in stock.

There is a very large variety of Buddha pendants available for sale in Thailand. Buddhist temples sell amulets. Stores outside Buddhist temples sell pendants that may or may not have originated at the temple. Private dealers sell pendants they get either at temples or from private individuals because they are rare or otherwise one of a kind pendants that cannot be found in the temples any longer. Here we only sell Buddha pendants directly from the temples – so they are guaranteed authentic and blessed.

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