Guanyin Bodhisattva Tea Stone – 1000 Heads and Hands

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One-of-a-kind Stone-Carved (possibly pink jade) GUANYIN pendant from Sri Lanka. This is a one of a kind rare pendant that you cannot find in Thailand, and probably not in Sri Lanka anymore either.

We have another pendant that is similar which you can see HERE. It is more expensive and more rare.

We have already sold one in a similar style – hand-carved rock amulets – if you would like to make sure you get one, order quickly. These will sell out fast.


Tea Stone Hand-Carved Guanyin Bodhisattva Amulet with 1000 heads and hands

This is another very rare Guanyin pendant from Sri Lanka that we were lucky to find hidden away at a tiny shop run by an old Thai Buddhist guy. He had some amazing Thai amulets and they were all expensive, so we bought what we could.

In this same style we have an off-blue one that is very similar to the one you see here. We have a Gwan Yin in another style, and we have a Ganesh hand-carved in a simiilar style as that one.

The one we’re selling on this page is a tea-colored hand-carved stone Guanyin with 1000 arms.

We honestly don’t know what kind of stone this Guanyin is made from, but it seems like a pink jade. When held to the face, it is quite cool – just like jade would be. There are swirls of white in the pink, so we just aren’t sure. Marble maybe?

We almost missed this pendant as it was in the case behind some other things. When we purchased the other expensive Guanyin here, the seller asked if we liked this one! Of course we did! We didn’t think we’d be spending over $1,000 at his stall that day though. This one was also too good to pass up.

The color of this one is like a rose tea or pinkish color. Hard to reproduce in the photo. It’s quite unique, and as mentioned, this Guanyin has wisps of white cloud-like running through it. Almost like marble, but the color of the white is very faint.

Guanyin is the GODDESS OF COMPASSION in Chinese Buddhism, and she is revered as a Bodhisattva – enlightened one. Guanyin is a VERY popular figure in Thai Buddhism, but also across China, Vietnam, Burma, India, and Sri Lanka.

This Guanyin also has high detail – and it’s quite easy to see what the figure is – Guanyin with many arms and heads facing the four directions of the earth – to show all knowledge – enlightened as a Bodhisattva.

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Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 cm
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