Waterproof Copper Buddha with Nagas Necklace – Amulet

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Rounded rectangle solid copper waterproof Buddha with Naga (serpents). ONE OF A KIND. Temple: Nakhon Si Thammarat’s Wat Mahathat.


This is an older pendant that was placed into a waterproof plastic case to keep it from aging and turning colors. The design is unique and interesting. Buddha is seated on thick coils of very large Naga serpents. Around Buddha’s head are 7 open-mouthed Naga snakes showing fangs. This is a rectangular pendant with rounded edges.

The reverse side of this Buddha pendant shows a standing Buddha in an elephant tusk archway. Above the arch is a Rahu Demon eating the sun. This is one of the most interesting style of Buddha scene we carry. We only have one of these Thai amulets.

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adult, kids


Brown, Orange