Thai Amulet Buyers from Malaysia

Buddhist Temple - Wat Tum Sua on top of mountain in Krabi, Thailand.
Shrine at the top of a 280m high hill at Wat Tham Seua in Krabi, Thailand. ©

# Days to Mail Thailand to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur): 9 is the average amount of days in the mail.

We have sold hundreds of amulets, necklaces, and Sai Sin bracelets to buyers located in Malaysia, just south of us here in Thailand.

There are several thousand Malaysians who are very familiar with Ajahn Jumnien, at our home temple here in Krabi. Aj. Jumnien is known as one of Thailand’s Good Luck Monks and there are many thousands of Malaysians who come to his temple to pay respects, donate, and walk around the lovely grounds.

Recently we sold about $1,000 of pendants to a Malaysian businessman located near Kuala Lumpur. I think there were a total of 7 boxes we sent to him with tracking, and they all made it without any problem.

This is usually the case, there are few lost packages anywhere in the world that we send amulets, but with certain countries, the risk increases – so we don’t ship to certain ones.

For a short while we didn’t ship to Malaysia either! This is because one of our first orders from a Malay citizen came in and it was for about $100 USD. We were excited to get the order because we were just starting the business and hadn’t received many orders from Malaysia before that. So we packed it up and sent it.

The buyer kept contacting us over and over, about every two days to ask us – where is their box? We didn’t know either. We used tracking with the Thai Post, but they don’t track it after it leaves Thailand, it is up to buyers in Malaysia to track it on their own country’s Post website.

Some countries track International Registered Mail, and some don’t. I am still not sure if Malaysia tracks it. I’m sure they do… They must, right? If you can let me know the official Post site online for Malaysia – that would be great! Send it!

Anyway, it took about 25 days for that box to go from Krabi, Thailand to near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. How in the WORLD did it take so long? We have no idea. Anyway, it wasn’t a good experience, and we stopped sending amulets, necklaces, yants, and all products to Malaysia for a short time. Then we tried again and had success.

Today we send MANY packages to Malaysia, and we have no problem The average time to mail them takes 7-9 days, sent with tracking. That isn’t bad. Still, it seems like a long time to go just 500km, but oh well, nothing we can do about the shipping for Thailand and Malaysia – right?

If you are looking for high-quality Jatukam, Aj. Jumnien, Luang Phor Tuad, Kwan Yin, or other special pendants for gifts for loved ones, or for yourselves to wear or collect, then please have a visit over at our main site –

We have over 500 different pendant styles for sale, and we are always adding more here at this blog ( so bookmark us and visit often.

Here’s a tip… we are going to be offering a CLEARANCE SALE within a couple of months. All prices will be slashed to levels that we bought the pendants for ourselves. We just have too much inventory – time to clear it out and make way for some new amulets, necklaces, bracelets, stickers, shirts, and yants.

Metta friends from Malaysia! Order with complete confidence.

:) Abby B.

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