Thailand Jewelry Business for Sale

Hi – We have an online Thai jewelry business for sale.

This is perfect for a Thai person to sell these small items. All you’d need to do is pack them and send them worldwide.

The price point for most items is $30-50 USD.

We operated the business for over 10 years and then our website got hacked just before COVID and we didn’t put the site back up on the same website domain – we changed it. The information we created about the jewelry is all still there and we have hundreds of pages on the website so buyers can view the jewelry and learn about it with some informational pages.

When we first began, the site made an average of around $500 to 800 USD per month after expenses. It quickly ramped up to much higher income and for years we made over $1,500 per month. Some months exceeded $5,000.

We never ran ads for the items because we were ranked highly in Google SEO results.

Because we just put the new site up and got it registered with Google, it will take a couple of months before Google starts giving it good search results.

There is very little competition in the space, and we expect the site do to very well in Google again once it is completely indexed.

In the meantime, you can run Facebook or Google ads to sell items. We have the store in the Google Merchant program, so some products show up there each day. It’s quite slow though until you pay for ads with Google and then you’ll do much better.

Included in the Sale:

* Over 1,800 jewelry items
* Hundreds of accessory items
* Web Domain and Hosting for 1 Year
* 128 Pages
* 125 Posts
* 289 Products listed on the website (WooCommerce)

The website can use PayPal, or whatever merchant account you have. WooCommerce shopping cart is compatible with many payment options. We offer direct bank transfers and cryptocurrency, and even Western Union and WISE payments currently.

Google Analytics (Statistics)

Google analytics showing stats for ThaiAmuletSales over the years. Selling this Thai jewelry business now.

We have some Google analytics results from the past that you can look at. We have had over 2,200,000 pageviews. You can see that traffic was good, sometimes really good in the past. With a little bit of updating, we expect traffic to do very well for the site.

We made the site live again in September, so we think by March 2024 Google will be sending a lot of traffic to it.

This small business would be excellent for a stay-at-home mom or teen or anyone who wanted to pack orders and take them to the post office a couple of times a week.

The value of the jewelry we are transferring with this sale (our cost to buy it) was well over 300,000 THB.

The markup on items is usually 500% to 1,000%. On the 300,000 in amulets we include, you can make 1.5 to 3 million THB.

There are some very rare items that we would be fine with keeping and we can knock some money off the price. We’ve accumulated these items since 2005, and many of them are impossible to find now. If you choose not to buy some of those, we will help by removing them from the website at no extra cost to you.

We are available by chat for buyers seriously considering buying this business. No, we are not interested in dropping the price much at all. We know the value of the jewelry. We know the market. The deal we are offering is quite beneficial for a buyer to get started today selling items.

Email us here if interested.

We are located in Krabi. You will need to come here to collect the jewelry after/during the purchase of the site.

We can help you with ANYTHING you need regarding how the business is run. As I said, we ran it for over 10 years.

If we cannot sell at very close to the listed price – 370,000 THB, we will just keep the business and give it to our teen daughter to manage. :)

Thank you for your time, please contact if you have any questions.