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Our Thai Birthday Buddha Pendant Collection

Here is our Buddhist Birthday Buddha pendant collection. These are all birthday pendants and correspond to your day of birth (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). We have a few different sets of these birthday Buddhas to choose from (approximately 42 different Buddhas).

All of our Thai Buddha pendants are 100% authentic from Theravada Buddhist temples in Thailand. We have no jewelers’ amulets, because we do not buy from Thai jewelry shops like many pendant stores online do. We buy only from a small group of Thai temples that we especially like.

Our collection of Theravada Buddha pendants is unique and comparable with any other site online you can find – except  – ours are all genuine amulets.

We live here. We buy only from the temples directly. We give 10% of what we make in sales to the temple we bought from. The temple benefits twice then – initially when we buy the Buddha amulets, and again when we sell them.

If you are looking for premium Buddha pendants – made of white jade and petrified wood – we have started a new Buddha-Only Site at With Metta!

Click here to find out what all the birthday Buddha postures represent.

This is our Thai Birthday Buddha Collection from our past website.


This Thai pendant series is with Buddha figurines in decorative gold cases shaped like an unblossomed lotus flower. The Buddha is in various poses corresponding to days of the week that you were born. Many times at the temples you can see all of these statues in a row next to each other with a bowl for placing donations in.

You go to the Buddha representing the day you were born to donate something and say a prayer or chant. Thai Buddhists wear these day-of-the-week Buddhas around their necks on necklaces. If you need a necklace we have some at this link:  Necklaces


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