Silver Aj. Jumnean Oval Good Luck Protection Thai Pendant

Front of Aj. Jumnean good luck and helping hands protection amulet from Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, Thailand.
Aj. Jumnean oval good luck amulet from Tiger Cave Temple. ©
Reverse side of Aj. Jumnean helping hands good luck amulet from Tiger Cave Temple.
Reverse side – helping hands and magic symbol. ©

Amulet #1020 – 3.5cm diameter, .25cm thick, 2.5cm wide

This good luck pendant (amulet or talisman) features Ajahn Jumnean himself on the front side. His full title is “Luang Por Jumnean Seelasetso”.

Ajahn Jumnean is known Thailand-wide as the “Good Luck Monk” by his ardent followers. He is one of the few monks who put an emphasis on forest meditation. His home temple, Wat Tum Sua is a sprawling temple that extends up into the foothills of mountains and on two mountain tops!

The reverse side of this silver-colored good luck pendant shows Aj. Jumnean’s healing hands as well as some sayings about good health in Thai.

This is a really nice pendant and one of my personal favorites (Abby). We have sold many of these and expect to continue selling more. This is a rather new addition to the good luck pendants at Wat Tum Sua.

This is a new pendant we will purchase from the temple for you when you order securely through Paypal.

Note – this pendant is changing all the time, the temple is always making slight changes to it – so sometimes there are two hands and sometimes just one. Sometimes it is one image of Ajarn Jumnien, and sometimes a different one. Sometimes the pendant is copper, and other times it is stainless steel plated like this one. Please know there might be some variety in your amulet!

We currently have just 1 of these left. We cannot get any more, these were made years ago and they have stopped making this style. You can order with us, but use the Contact page, we don’t have it as a product in our inventory on the site here.

*10% of all sales goes back to the temple in the form of a donation.


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