Green Jade Amulet Videos

Here are some green jade Buddha pendants we have found at temples across Thailand. Green jade, as maybe you know, comes in many varieties. The translucence and the green color varies from almost white to the darkest greens found in Burmese jade items.

We started collecting Thai green jade pendants only recently, so we don’t have all that many here to show you. We have decided to focus on the green jade niche to some degree – so we’ll be having more and more of these lovely jade pendants in the near future – in different styles and hues of green.

These are just a couple of green jade pendant videos we want to show you today. We want to show you that we really do have the Buddha pendants here with us. We’re an authentic Thai pendant seller and have been for years.

Here we only sell Buddha pendants directly from the temples – so they are guaranteed authentic and blessed.

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