Meditation Incense from Buddhist Temples in Thailand

We use only a couple select brands of incense for meditation here in Thailand. We buy our incense direct from the temples here, though there are many places we could buy it, it just seems right to purchase at the temple and give them the money.

If you visit Thailand, outside of Bangkok, for the most part you’ll see that the Buddhist temples here are not lush palaces of gold and jewels. That’s Bangkok. Here in southern Thailand we have about twelve small temples just in our small area. None of them have any gold, jade, or crystal Buddhas. They are operating at a much more subdued existence.

Incense is helpful for meditation because it puts you in the meditative mood. What I mean is, before you sit down to meditate, you could light the incense to get it flowing throughout the room or house. Once you’ve meditated for a while, your mind will naturally fall into rhythm with the peaceful blend of spices. The mind gets ready to meditate by calming down naturally before you even sit down.

To this day whenever I smell the amazing scents of the incense sticks here, wherever they are burning, it puts me in a tranquil mood that relaxes me and prepares my mind to meditate, if that’s what I have planned.

When Thais light incense at the altar of the Buddha they light three sticks at the same time. They often hold the stick between their folded hands in prayer. They light one for the Dhamma (truth), one for the Sangha (family), and one for the Buddha. Just like there are pendants in three colors – Gold, Silver (or white) and copper. One each for the Dhamma, Sangha, and Buddha.

Our incense sticks are generally about 8 inches long and you can either put them in a jar with some dirt or sand, or we also sell these little incense urns that we buy whenever we see them at the temple. Currently we only have three of these left, but hopefully we can get some more.

If you order a box of amulets, bracelets, or something else, we may add a couple incense sticks to the box for you to sample. They have a delightful fragrance and we can send you a whole package if decide you like them.

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This is guaranteed authentic incense sold at one of the temples close to us here in Thailand. Order securely through Paypal and we will send to you quickly and free by Air Mail.

*10% of all sales goes back to the temple in the form of a donation.


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