Metal Bead & Crystal Necklaces – 4 Styles

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Fashionable metal bead crystal necklaces with stainless steel clasps and balls, as well as quality stones of various material – jade and crystals too. Various lengths and weights – please see info.

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We’ve not seen these metal bead pendant necklaces for sale online before from Thailand, so maybe we’ll be one of the first to offer them. These necklaces hold at least one amulet, but a couple of them hold 1, 2, or 3 pendants or pendants.

These are heavy, durable, last forever type necklaces. They are high quality and not something a kid strung together at home to make a dollar. These are high quality beads and stones, with nice stainless steel clasps.

Each metal and stone beaded necklace is slightly different. The lengths are slightly different too. See details below.

Green Jade Stone Necklace – 65 grams. 26 inches long (66cm). Holds 3 pendants / pendants.

Purple Balls and White Bead Necklace – 60 grams. 27-inches (70cm). Holds 3 pendants / pendants.

Brown Balls Necklace – 70 grams. 24-inches (60cm). Holds one pendant / pendant.

Brown stone and metal bead necklace.

Gold and Silver Balls Necklace – 55 grams. 22-inches (60cm). Holds one pendant / pendant.

Gold and silver stainless beaded necklace for pendants or pendants.

Additional information

Weight .075 kg
Dimensions .060 × .007 cm

green jade stones, round brown stones, purple balls and white beads, gold and silver balls

Age Group



Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Silver, White, Yellow