Satin Luang Pu Thuat Phra Yant for Good Luck and Safety

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Lovely satin YANT FLAGS from Southern Thailand Buddhist temple in Krabi, Thailand. Features Luang Pu Thuat – one of Thailand’s most famous and well-loved monks.


  • 1 Phra Yant of Luang Pu Thuat for Good Luck, Health, Protection
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We finally came across some lovely silk Phra Yant Yantra cloths at one of our favorite Buddhist temples in Southern Thailand – Wat Tham Seua in Krabi.

The yants (some say Yantra)  are satin feeling with premium printing. We have never seen small yants this clear and detailed. The price is a little more than the typical Phra Yant we see a the temple but we think you will love them.

Most Buddhists put Sak Yant cloths behind their altar or in other areas where they can easily be seen.

Featured is Luang Pu Thuat – One of Thailand’s most well known, respected, and loved Theravada Buddhist monks.

We have 1 color as pictured.

We have only one in stock, but the temple has 5 or 6 today.


  • 1 Phra Yant of Luang Phor Klai for Good Luck
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Specs and Measurements

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 9 cm
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