Christmas Sale – a Success!

We had, and are having, a great Christmas sale this year – we have sold more Thai Buddha pendants this month than any of the previous 4 years, and we are likely going to repeat something like this next year too. A couple of months ago we bought a big order of pendants from the … Read more

New Buddha, Kwan Yin, and Jatukam Amulets – Adding to Website

We went on a quick day-trip to one of our favorite temples and found a couple hundred Thai pendants to buy (as usual!) We will be posting them at main pendant store over the next few days. This will be a big update because we also have other recent pendants we haven’t put up … Read more

Ajarn Jumnien Love & Money Amulets

You know, we have hundreds of pendants that just never made it to our website yet. We’ll be making an effort to get some of them online here at the blog so you can have a look at them and choose if you like them. These Thai pendants in the image above show some rare … Read more