Tricolor Buddha with Elaborate Silver Case

Tricolor Thai Buddha Pendant with Elaborate Fancy Stainless Silver Case - free shipping worldwide from Thailand.
$49.95 – Tricolor Thai Buddha Pendant with Elaborate Fancy Stainless Silver Case. Free shipping worldwide from Thailand.
Side of tricolor Buddha pendant from Thailand. Elaborate - fancy case of stainless steel. Free shipping from Thailand.
Tricolor Thai Buddha Pendant with Elaborate Fancy Stainless Silver Case - reverse

This is a tricolor Buddha pendant with a very ornate – fancy, and elaborate stainless steel silver case. We have only seen two of these pendants – we have a gold one that is used, and this one that is new. The case is extraordinary, and we probably should charge more – but, I think $50 is fair for the price we got it at. On other sites you would see this sell for $179 or more. The three colors stand for the Buddhist “triple gem” or, Buddha, Sangha (family), Dhamma – truth or law.

We have just one of these stainless silver cased pendants – and it’s a very special amulet. If you want gold instead, there is a gold one listed next – but it has some use – maybe someone bought it and wore it a while and then returned it to the temple to trade it in.


If we can find any more of these we’re going to buy them!

If this is not the Buddha pendant for you – please look at our other Thai Buddha Pendants index pages at the main site –

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This Buddha pendant is new from the temple. We also have waterproof Buddha pendants if you’re active.

In addition to buying all of our pendants straight from the temple, we also give 10% of all sales (net) back to the temple. It’s a win-win-win for the temple – you – and us.

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