Where to Buy Buddhist Products Online?

Colorful Buddha pendant in Jatukam Ramathep style from Wat Mathathat in Southern Thailand.

There isn’t a day that goes by when someone doesn’t email us and ask, “Is this Buddhist amulet, or this Buddha, or this statue – a real Buddha?”

Almost every time, the person has already purchased the item and they’re wondering whether or not they were scammed in the process and actually bought bogus Buddhist items.

Honestly, and this is a very sad comment on the entire Buddhist retail industry, I would guess that 99% of what you see online at websites, Amazon stores, Yahoo stores, EBay, and private websites that are based in the USA, Europe and other places outside Asia – are ABSOLUTELY FAKE and these are crooks that are taking advantage of good Buddhist people.

That is the sad truth.

The only place to buy authentic Buddhist pendants and other accessories like necklaces and bracelets is at the temple. You have to fly here to Thailand, or to India, or Burma, or Laos, or China, or Japan, etc. You will have to actually see the items at the temple for yourself, and buy them directly.

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible for most of you. You want to buy a $50 to $150 pendant and you don’t want to spend $1,500 getting to Thailand from the USA or elsewhere.

We got into this business almost by accident. We just bought some pendants from a temple close to our home, and tried to sell them on Ebay. We were surprised the items sold. We bought a few more. They sold. We made a website with about 10 items from our home temple. We suddenly had regular sales each and every month. Initially we were only making about $100 per month. That was great, we were so excited because we couldn’t believe we were making anything at all.

We looked at the other websites, individuals on blogger.com, ebay.com, yahoo.com, amazon.com, and dozens of other private websites that were claiming to sell authentic Thai amulets.

Guess what?

Almost all of them had gross errors in what they were even TALKING ABOUT. Their ads were just FULL OF ERRORS and outright lies.

We were shocked to see it because we think that Buddhists are selling Buddhist amulets. Maybe not so. Or, maybe so, but there are good Buddhists, and there are Bad Buddhists. You can see that for yourself by watching some of the online news about Thailand any day of the week. 95% of the country claims to be Buddhist. There are some HORRIBLE people here, just like in every country.

Add to that the thousands of people overseas that are trying to rip off buyers online, and it’s a really sad and sick state of the Buddhist Pendant Industry.

So, we decided to start a website and run it much different from all other pendant sites.


2. We never buy pendants from any individual that is selling them because we don’t know WHERE THEY CAME FROM. They could come from anywhere! It isn’t difficult to fake an amulet. It’s a billion-dollar industry.

3. We sell only relatively new amulets, necklaces and bracelets. We don’t sell old. We don’t hype the pendants we have as if they’re going to help you hit the lottery or cure you from a deadly cancer. They might, but HOW CAN A SELLER PROMISE THAT? It’s ridiculous. We don’t get involved in any wild claims. That’s one way to know for sure that someone doesn’t have a clue what they’re even selling or talking about.

4. We not only buy direct and sell to our customers for a small markup price, but we give a donation back to the temple of the items that were bought. We’re Buddhist. We have our hearts in the right place. We only want to make everyone happy, and if everyone is not, we make it right.

There is no place to buy Buddhist pendants direct from the temple, so you have to buy through someone. My wife has lived in Thailand her entire 32 years of life. I have been here for 10 years now. We have never sold an pendant that is not authentic! We have never scammed one person over these 7 years of our pendant business.

We have only good things to say about Buddhism. We don’t exaggerate claims of superpower.

Buy your pendants yourself, or buy through us with absolute confidence that we bought through the temple directly in person.

With Metta Friends!

J & V

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  1. hi, i’m from Viet Nam. receipt of your goods order form at the discretion of me? I wanted a Buddha pendant blinded with small size, high-grade gold and no particle relics of monks , without ceremony to the charms pendant because I want to do the usual ornaments. can meet my needs ? if possible , please mail me and I will send you a form I like

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