1st Edition Ajarn Jumnien Good Luck Amulet – A Great Find!

I found a new Ajarn Jumnien 1st edition Good Luck Amulet at the temple – and I could not be happier – talk about lucky!

I was looking around the temple at some of the pendant stands I don’t usually go to. There were a number of new counters that opened up recently, and I figured they were for donations and to get the blessed bracelets put on by the magee (Buddhist nuns) that reside at the temple.

I puchased a couple of bells at one location, and then saw a counter that was out of the way, and I thought just for donations.

There was a display of pendants and other things. I went over to look and they had some unique and really lovely Buddhist jewelry and Buddha amulets, Nawagote amulets, Shiva amulets, Ganesha amulets… all sorts of things – and none of these pendants or necklaces was ever seen at the temple before. It was great!

Usually the good things – the ones that mean something, are under some of the other pendants and you have to really strain to find them. This was the case yesterday as I looked under the first layer of pendants at the next shelf that was hidden by all that was on top of the first shelf.

There, staring up at me was a tri-color Ajarn Jumnien, 1st Edition Blessed Good Luck pendant that I haven’t seen at the temple for nearly two years now because they sold everything they had in that series already!

I asked the magee to show it to me and she looked at me like – “Do you know what this is?”

I knew.

If I could rewind life a couple years, I’d be right back there at the temple and buying every single one of the Ajarn Jumnien Good Luck pendants in this series – they were amazing. There were great stories told at the temple by monks, magee, and those that bought the amulets.

I was stunned when she told me the price of the pendant – and when you buy sacred pendants at the Buddhist temples – you shouldn’t argue about price. The pendant is worth everything they say it is. This isn’t a market in Bangkok, it’s the Buddhist temple… nobody is trying to take advantage of you or give you less than what you’re paying.

I wanted the pendant really bad, and didn’t have enough cash for it. I gave her 1,000 THB and asked her to hold it for me until I returned from the ATM machine with the rest of the money.

She did – and when I returned, I bought the best pendant I’ve had in years. This is a one of a kind – there are none left – literally. The Aj. Jumnien Good Luck collection sold out very fast. It was created for Ajarn Jumnien’s 70th birthday year – and there were about 500 made in various designs – primarily 2. In each pendant run there are made the affordable pendants – and those pendants that are beyond almost all Thai people’s reach – and are hundreds of dollars USD.

This is the last pendant of this quality at the temple!

The magee kept telling me over and over – with very solemn face – number 1 power… this one, number one power… in Thai, of course, she spoke no English.

This pendant is brilliant 18K gold with copper and silver for the other colors. The tri-color pendants are paying respect to the Buddhist trinity – that of Dhamma, Buddha, and Sangha.

It has been wrapped in protective clear plastic – as Thais often do with their best amulets, to preserve everything about it – as if brand new.

I love finding hidden treasures at the temples – and this has been the most amazing find, and totally unexpected. I have looked over and over – dozens of times for some more of these style amulets. I have never seen the first editions of this style – except the first day they had the ceremony to bless them on the full moon day – at the auspicious hour. Maybe my karma has come around and is giving me a great find!??

I’ll take some photos and put this on it’s own page at ThaiAmuletStore.com – under the Specials. It is special, not for the price – which will be fair, but not discounted – but for the rarity of this lovely tricolor Buddhist monk amulet.

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