Best Place in Thailand to Buy Thai Amulets?

Chedi at Wat Phra Mahathat Buddhist Temple in Nakhon si Thammarat

The best place to find Thai pendants to buy in Thailand is, of course, at one of the many Buddhist temples in the country.

After studying Buddhist pendants for a few months we decided that the best way we could begin an pendant business was by offering pendants straight from the Buddhist temples close to us – on the internet where people across the world could buy them.

The Thai pendants we sell are available at temples in southern and northeastern Thailand. We don’t have a monopoly on them. We don’t make them. We don’t have any special deals on them when we purchase them from the temple – even if we purchase in bulk. We accept whatever price they say – and purchase them to sell to you wherever in the world you are.

If you are coming to Thailand – don’t buy pendants from us online. Just buy them at the temples. Same, 100% authentic amulets.

Are all Buddhist temples selling authentic amulets?

Yes, and no.

Some Thai Buddhist temples don’t sell Thai pendants at all. Wat Suan Mokkh in Chaiya, north of Surat Thani – don’t sell any pendants whatsoever. The founder, Buddhadasa Bhikku, didn’t believe in them. He has since passed on, but the belief remains – and nobody is to sell pendants at that temple. There are t-shirts in the library, and some postcards and books, some videotapes and audio CD’s, but no amulets, Thai bracelets, necklaces, or anything like that.

Most temples do sell amulets. If there are monks or majee (nuns) working at the pendant stand, you can assume it is an official collection of pendants for the temple you are at. If it is a kind man or woman, then most likely this pendant stand is NOT full of genuine articles. The pendants at such a stand are probably blessed by the monks and or abbot of the temple you are at, but, there are probably some that are official from the temple – and some that are not. Which are which? Anyone’s guess.

Buy only from the Thai pendant stands that are operated by monks or majee. This way you cannot go wrong.

From across the globe you can buy Thai pendants at our pendant shop where we now have over 400 pendants for sale. We give you a free necklace with every amulet, two free blessed Buddhist bracelets from the temple, and free shipping.

Buying direct from the temple, or buying from us – buying direct from the temple – you are guaranteed to be receiving official, 100% authentic Thai Buddhist (Theravada Buddhist) amulets. You are sure to have a good experience.

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