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Ajahn Jumnien is Abbot of Wat Tham Seua (Tum Sua), Krabi, Thailand

Buddhist medallion featuring Thailand's good luck monk, Ajarn Jumnien from Wat Tham Seua, Krabi, Thailand.
Ajahn Jumnien Seelasettho special edition pendant featuring his image. These are selling very well at the temple. We have only a few left.

Ajahn Jumnien is Known as Thailand’s Good Luck Monk

He has a number of sacred pendants he carries with him – attached to his Thai Buddhist monk robes and in his small bag as he walks around the temple. Each year he creates a number of unique and collectible pendants with his personal blessing.

If you are lucky enough to arrive at the Wat Tham Seua temple during one of these pendant ceremonies it is really something special to behold. He was born on May 1st and in 2016 he is 79 years old, turning 80 this year.

He is a very knowledgeable meditation teacher and he frequently travels worldwide to the USA, meeting with Jack Kornfield to teach meditation courses in California as well as Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, the UK, and India. It seems that only rarely does he make it back home to Thailand!

Ajahn Jumnien – sometimes spelled “Jumnearn” or “Jumnean” is a highly revered monk whose pendants are quickly becoming collector’s items.

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