Jatukam Amulets are Selling Fast

We had no idea what a great response we were going to have when we decided to offer a discount on all pendant (and anything) orders at ThaiAmuletStore.com over one hundred dollars USD. The response has been overwhelming and we’ve been packing pendants for the past five days.

We have sent more Jatukam pendants out in the mail to Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia, and Canada than we have ever before. We don’t have all that many left, and that is a bit distressing because we bought most of the good pendants from the source – Nakhon Si Thammarat’s Wat Mahathat temple, and they don’t have many good ones left.

Looks like we will have to make another trip over to find some more Jatukam-style round pendants if we can.

What I am surprised at, is that our high-end Jatukams are still not selling. Amulets over $130, and $200 are just not selling like I thought they would. Seems to me pendant collectors and those that were serious about Buddhism, would be buying these solid silver pendants not only for their collectible value but for their life-long value.

You can give these to loved ones as gifts, or bequeath them in a will. The solid silver pendants are exceptionally nice and will last forever. Some of the gold-plated pendants will discolor like every gold-plated item in the world does after a few years, or sooner in humid climates.

If you are interested in premium (our best) Jatukam Ramathep, Khun Pan (Kun Paen), or Buddha pendants in the Jatukam (round) style, do let us know. We’ll put together a photo of some of those we consider the best we have.

These are also on sale during this special offer – and orders over $500 enjoy 40% savings. We just don’t think we’ll be having this same sort of discount offer ever again.

So, get your premium gold, silver, bronze, stainless, copper pendants while you can at a great discount. See our store at: www.ThaiAmuletStore.com.



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