More New Thai Buddha Pendants

We took a road trip yesterday, we had to see a friend that was moving to China – and this was a long-time friend from university. We were able to get over to the temple to see if they had anything new in the Thai pendant market, and indeed they did.

I don’t know if we’ve mentioned it here on the pendant blog or not, but we’ve been trying to focus much more on the very high quality pieces, and not so much of those that might cause buyers some disappointment as they age. We have had very few buyers write to tell us that their pendants changed color on them drastically – only 2 people. Still, that was enough to cause us some concern because our intention is that everyone be happy with their purchase, and come back to purchase more pendants or other Buddhist memorabilia later.

So this trip was a focus on quality items, and we were able to find a few of them that were definitely worth purchasing to sell to you on the main site.

In June of 2012 there was a very auspicous Buddhist occasion that had Thailand celebrating in rare form – the 2600th anniversary of Buddha reaching enlightment (nirvana, nibbana). There are some Buddha shields commemorating that event below – we found a number of them, and bought all they had left. We hadn’t thought to visit the temple in June for that, focusing instead on local temple celebrations around our home. We should have gone to all the temples at that time. So, we learned something… still we were able to pick up some of these limited edition pendants for you.

Below you’ll see pendants we found in gallery format. Click to enlarge each. The Buddha shields will be offered for sale in a couple of places, and we will probably put them at our site as well, since they are quality Buddhas, like those we want to feature at that site. These will be affordable, despite the fact that we don’t think we can get anymore from the temple – this was all they had.

If you cannot find them for sale on either of our websites, just write us and let us know which one you like and we’ll make a Paypal invoice for it.


Abby B.

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