New Batch of Good Luck Takrut Amulets

Here are some photos of some Takrut pendants (rolled scrolls) that we have not yet put on the site for sale. Takruts are rolled up scrolls of bark, paper, brass leaf, gold leaf, silver leaf, tin, cloth, animal skin, or something else that can be written on or engraved upon. Takruts have a long history in Thailand and you can find people wearing them in all walks of life. These are good luck pendants and give the wearer some comfort in knowing that things will be going their way as much as possible.

The prayers and symbols on the inside are created by the monks that write them, and they are chanted over in mass chantings before being sold at the Buddhist temples in Thailand. Often times there is a certain symbolic nature to the takruts and the same symbols are used on each one sold at a specific temple (wat).

The takruts below are all fairly weatherproofed, but if you swim with them or subject them to water repeatedly, they will leak. It is better to respect the pendant and take it off before your shower or swimming. All the metal takruts will discolor over time, it is a natural function of the metal. Few metals don’t change due to high temperature, humidity, exposure to salty skin, etc.

If you are interested in one or more of these, just email us for information on price – letting us know the item number. You can have free necklace, bracelets, and shipping on all our Takrut amulets.


Silver Scroll with rolled bark Takrud #TAKRUD100
Silver Scroll with rolled bark Takrut. 1.6″ long. $14.95 each. #TAKRUD100
Hollow Stainless Steel Takrud capsules. #TAKRUDS11
Hollow Stainless Steel Takrut capsules. Small are 1″ long, large are 1.5″ long. $19.95 each. #TAKRUDS11
Gold Takrud with gold end caps. #TAKRUD108
Gold Takrut with gold end caps. About 1.2″ long.  $18.95 each. #TAKRUD108
Waterproof Gold Takrud #TAKRUDW8
Waterproof Gold Takruts. About 1.4″ long.  $18.95 each.  #TAKRUDW8
Triple Rolled Scroll Takrud pendant with tric-color scrolls. #TAKRUD201
Triple Rolled Scroll Takrut pendant with tric-color scrolls. 1.25″ long. $49.95 each.  #TAKRUD201
Silver Takrud with Silver Caps #TAKRUDS10
Silver Takrut with Silver Caps. 1.25″ long. $39.95 each.   #TAKRUDS10
Gold Takrud Amulet with Silver Caps. These are larger than others, about 3 inches long. #TAKRUD44
Gold Takrut Amulet with Silver Caps. These are larger than others, about 2.25 inches long. $29.95 each  #TAKRUD44

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  1. Yes, everything on our site is real. Why do we say that? We buy everything direct from Buddhist temples in Thailand then offer them to you at reasonable prices. Don’t miss it – we have a new batch of amulets and necklaces coming up, we just went shopping at a few temples near our home, in Ubon, in Sisaket, and in Bangkok. See the latest at our blog

  2. I want to ask about takrud do i have to chant Katha every day?is it easy to read and pronounce the katha?thanks

  3. We don’t really do the chants… we don’t tell customers about it. That’s more of a superstitious type practice. We’re just not into that. There’s Buddhism that is concerned with that, and there is Buddhism that is not. We’re just not…

  4. Hello Joy,

    Thank you so much I receive my takrud…and thanks for the free bracelets More power to you …and your store.

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