New Jatukam Ramathep Amulet Videos

Green Ceramic Background - Solid SIlver Buddha Pendant from Thailand

If you want to see some of the Jatukam Ramathep pendants we have in a video where we go through and talk about the ones we have, we are in the process of uploading 3 separate videos to Youtube to share the information with you.

There are many kinds of Jatukam Ramathep amulets, but basically the Jatukam Style is:

  • Round, flat like a coin or only moderately raised
  • Jatukam Ramathep on the front, or Buddha
  • The temple the pendant came from on the reverse, or, a sacred geometrical yant design
  • Jatukam is sometimes surrounded by demons

The Jatukam craze has died down recently, yet most people in Thailand are still wearing and buying these pendants – especially from the original temple where these pendants were first inspired and created. The name of the temple is Wat Mahathat. We visit often, and we buy the best Jatukam pendants they have each time we see them.

We have a number of solid silver, plated silver, tri-color, solid copper, and gold Jatukam pendants in our collection. Some we will sell, well, most we will sell, but we will also keep at least one of each style for ourselves in our own collection. The value of these pendants is increasing each year as there are no more new ones being made. We have some excellent Jatukam Ramatheps – if you want the best, ask us which you should have for your own unique and rare collection.

Here is an example of our Jatukam Amulet Video:

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