New Phra Pidta Amulets!

A small very rare white jade Phra Pidta pendant from Wat Lahn Kuat Temple in Sisaket, and part of the WLK Collection.We have had these very rare Phra Pidta pendants in stock for over five years now. We just never put them up for sale, but today we found them again at the bottom of our pile of thousands of amulets, and we thought it was a good time for them!

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See Our Phra Pidta WLK Collection (White Jade) – very rare (one-of-a-kind)

These pendants have some interesting history. At Wat Lahn Kuat in the very south of Sisaket province in the Northeast where I am from, they made this beautiful hand-carved white jade Buddha about 11 years ago. The block they started from was large, and exorbitant in price. This was a one-time purchase of the block of jade from the quarry. The abbot had blessed it, along with dozens of other monks in a long ceremony to ensure it was worthy as a representative of the white Buddha they’d soon be carving.

After they carved it, they put it in the Main bot where anyone can go see it. The place is full of a million bottles decorating the walls of all the buildings at the temple. It is quite a sight to see.

So, they had many kilograms of white jade pieces left after the big white Buddha was finished. They decided to create a number of smaller pendants for people to wear. These Phra Pidta pendants are directly from this block of white jade!

They made white jade Somdej Toh amulets. They made triangle shaped Somdej amulets. They made some rectangle Nong Kwak amulets, and then finally, they made these lovely little Phra Pidta amulets!

Phra Pidta is a representative of a monk who was meditating deep in the state of absorption called “Jhana.” Jhana is an experience where the mind is so relaxed, so peaceful and non-plussed, that it the regular five senses that we use everyday as we go through life – don’t function. The senses literally stop – so no sense-objects are created. There is pure watching with the mind, of what is going on inside – not outside the body.

Phra Pidta covers his eyes in the pendant figures because it is symbolizing being deep in Jhana and that the outside world is of no effect – of no consequence.

So, because this is seen as a sort of magical state – people came to believe that Phra Pidta pendants would be good for financial gain. And, that is how it has been. These pendants are the most recommended by monks when asked which pendants can bring back a person’s wealth, whether talking about business related wealth, or personal wealth. Some people even use this for lottery.

See Our Phra Pidta WLK Collection (White Jade) – very rare (one-of-a-kind)

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