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Welcome to all buyers of Thai pendants from Singapore. We have more Singaporean visitors to our pendant websites than from any other country. There is obviously a large need for information about Thai pendants in your country – and we are here to help.

With this article, we want to cover a few things about buying pendants that you might find interesting.

Thailand and Singapore are Very Different Amulet Marketplaces

It has been five years since we’ve been offering Buddhist amulets, necklaces, bracelets, and other items for sale from Thailand on During that time we were not really focused on this as a business, as a way of life and earnings to survive from because it was just something we enjoyed doing.

We enjoyed buying pendants from temples around our home, and then around Thailand all over, and offering them to buyers from all over the world. We’ve sold Buddha amulets, and pendants of all sorts to people from over fifty countries – maybe over 80, we haven’t counted, but somewhere around there!

Ajarn Jumnien solid silver good luck tricolor pendant from Krabi for Singaporeans.
Ajarn Jumnien from Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, Thailand. Special Collectors Edition Amulet. Solid silver. Only 3 left! ©

In Thailand, there are basically two types of pendant sellers. We have people who sell Buddha, Kwan Yin, Ganesh, Takrut, Lersi, Chu Chok, Pra Pidta, Luang Phor Tuad, and many other pendants – as reminders of what these deities, monks, and the Buddha stood for and was.

Thai pendants for these sellers and buyers are a way to remind themselves that the path Buddha followed was truly enlightening and amazing, and something worth doing in an individual’s life. The search for Nibbana – nirvana, is a worthy pursuit.

I think we have catered to buyers like this, and we are a seller of this sort. We sell pendants to help remind people about their spiritual side, and their innate Buddhist nature, if you will. We are not selling hype. We are not selling dreams or magic. We are not selling pendants based on fear – scaring buyers into buying pendants so they can have protection from something. It isn’t our style. It isn’t something we will ever do.

A multi-colored Jatukam pendant from Nakhon Si Thammarat, Wat Mahathat temple.
Silver Buddha in a colorful Jatukam-style amulet and gold-plated case. ©

We offer amulets, necklaces, and Sai Sin bracelets at reasonable costs to help:

1. The Buddhist temples of Thailand – we buy direct from them without trying to get a discount, despite buying hundreds of thousands of baht worth the pendants over these five years. On top of this, we give 10% of all we sell to our home temple. So, the temple benefits twice. We love that idea.

2. You, the Buyer in Singapore or wherever in the world our buyers are. We offer authentic pendants direct from the temple – to you. We do this because Buddhist monks, nuns, and laypeople, are not experts online. Most temples do not have a website in English and cannot sell their pendants and other Buddhist material for sale on the internet. They may never do that. It is likely they will never do this – most of them. So, we offer the service and take a small commission to link up buyers and sellers.

3. Us. Obviously we’re not doing this for free, nor could we with all the expenses we incur. Though this started out as just a hobby for us, it has become a business that we are more invested in every day. We take selling Buddhist items very seriously and we always strive for a perfect outcome so you are happy. Really, try us, we think you’ll be happy with the result of our transaction.

The second type of Thai pendant seller and buyer is more concerned with magical ideas. Magical thinking. Superstitions.

We’ve not done so before today, but today my husband and I had a look at Google for “Singapore amulets” and some other phrases. We found some sites that have stores – online and brick/mortar stores in Singapore that are selling Thai amulets.

We were shocked and horrified, to tell you the truth. It appears that most (all – we couldn’t find anyone that wasn’t like this) sellers of pendants are competing for who can talk the most hype about their magical pendants and all that a buyer will have once he/she purchases one.

Three Takrud scrolls in one waterproof case for luck for people in Singapore.
Triple Rolled Scroll Takrut pendant with tric-color scrolls. Mainly for luck. #TAKRUT201 ©

We saw many pendants that we had never seen in Thailand before. How is that possible – right? Well, we only visit traditional – non-hype Buddhist temples here in Thailand. We don’t go where they’re boiling monks in vats of hot oil as they sit on banana leaves and tell everyone it’s a MIRACLE.

We don’t attend the temples where Buddhist taxi drivers are getting yant designs tattooed on themselves for protection from knives as monks pretend to press sharp blades against their skin, which don’t penetrate the skin after the tattoo.

Come on… I think most of us are too intelligent to fall for this, and yet, there is a large group of people who believe it and are fanatical about their beliefs in this. I’m sure we’ll have people write in to say that we don’t know what we’re talking about… It’s OK.

We know, different people have wildly different beliefs. We are not the pendant shop for everyone. We don’t get involved in these things.

If you write us an email and tell us a bit about your life, and that you want an pendant that will change your bad luck to good, or give you a nice boyfriend, wife, dog, house, protection from cancer, whatever it is – we don’t talk you into buying any particular amulet.

There are pendants that are for these sorts of things, and we’ll tell you what they are, but, we don’t claim that anything we sell is going to change your life like that. Amulets are for remembering, reminding, for helping you get through a tough situation.

We don’t believe that our items increase your net worth, your karmic worth, your health, your sexuality, your personality, or anything else. Buy pendants to help you remember to stay on track and be Buddhist… not for superstitions and magical thinking and dreams.

Another thing… pendants that we have seen at temples for $20 are being sold for $160 at some of these Singapore pendant stores. That is quite a mark-up on the wholesale price. I know it is more expensive in your country, but, online purchases from us directly here in Thailand would seem to make a lot of sense if you buy a lot of amulets. We offer the same sort of pendant for $40-50.

What Amulet Types Do Singapore Citizens and Residents Buy?

We sell a lot of Jatukam Ramathep pendants to people in Singapore. We sell a lot of Luang Phor Tuad. Ajahn Jumnien makes frequent visits to your country, and he is from our home temple here in Krabi, Thailand. We have a great selection of his amulets, and some that nobody else has.

We always have the newest ones they made currently, and some of the older ones you cannot find any longer. We have a couple hundred pendants from Aj. Jumnien’s temple. We sell some of the higher end solid silver Buddha amulets too, apparently, the level of wealth of people living in Singapore far exceeds that of Malaysia and Thailand.

Some of the pendants we cannot even afford to own here, we just go buy them at the temple when someone from Singapore buys one from us.

Please note – if you want high-priced amulets, we can find them for you. I mean pendants from between $300 and $2,000 USD. We just don’t stock them because it wouldn’t make sense. If you have a particular pendant from a particular temple you would like to purchase, let us know and we’ll tell you when the next time is we will be visiting that temple. We frequently travel around Thailand, so it won’t be too long.

What Are Some Concerns of Singaporean Amulet Buyers?

We have sold pendants to people from many countries over these five years. Buyers from certain countries are more afraid of online transactions than others. Singapore ranks as the highest distrust of online purchases of any other country we have dealt with. Why is that we wonder?

After seeing the stop-at-nothing attitude of other pendant sellers in Singapore, I think we understand a little bit why there is such a distrust from those living in Singapore – to spend money online. There are probably many scams running about and many people have been taken advantage of.

How can you trust us? Why not order something small first and see how we do with that? You can order a couple of blessed Buddhist bracelets for under 10 Singapore dollars and see how it is to deal with us. If we screw up – don’t order anything bigger.

Truth is, we try hard to make you satisfied even if you order 1 bracelet! We don’t make any money on the $4.95 sale after buying it at the temple, gas, post fees, and our time to email you, but, we always give you better than what you ordered.

You’ll always get MORE than what you ordered. This is true whether you order one bracelet or $1,500 worth of the Jatukam amulets. We always give you some extra things that make us feel like we’re doing the best we can for our customers.

Shipping Amulets to Singapore

We have sold pendants to buyers living in these areas of SG:

Singapore 520368

Singapore 680483

Singapore 542212

Singapore 760330

Singapore 670655

Singapore 141029

Singapore 310194

Singapore 600303

Singapore 600274

Singapore 550143

Singapore 320009

A T.
Singapore 310063

Singapore 550230

singapore 650642

There are hundreds more over these 5 years, this is just what was in our inbox at the moment. When you order something, we give 100% effort to make it right and keep you happy as a customer. We don’t sell dreams, just 100% authentic pendants from Thailand temples. If you are currently living in SG and want to sell our Thai pendants as a business – we are considering finding a partner to help us.


So, we just wanted to address our Singapore pendant collectors directly and let you know what we are all about. We have a selection of over 500 different authentic amulets, all of them from Buddhist temples here in Thailand. We have had great experiences selling to most Singapore buyers, and we would like to have more buyers find us from your country. If you have any questions, feel free to write us at the email address on the top right column of this, and every page.

To past customers of ours – thank you so much for buying our amulets, we try hard to give you a positive experience you can tell your friends about. To future pendant customers from Singapore – welcome, and please let us know how we can help you purchase authentic Thai pendants online.

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