Special Solid Silver Series Buddha Jatukam Amulets

Solid silver Buddha Jatukam style pendant from Southern Thailand.
Silver Sothorn Buddha Pendant
This is a special edition Jatukam Buddha pendant from Nakhon Si Thammarat's Wat Mahathat temple. It is black and white (silver) and solid silver. Very rare.

Today we purchased another group of our absolute favorite pendants ever – the Solid Silver Buddha Series that is a limited edition series from the temple that began the Jatukam craze years ago. Though the craze has died down – as we’ve said before, what has died down are the thousands of other Thailand temples that were making their own Jatukam pendants to copy the originator – Wat Mahathat in Nakhon in southern Thailand.

The original, authentic, Jatukam Ramathep and Jatukam Buddha pendants that are made in Nakhon at Wat Mahathat are still VERY much in demand – and we love the style, so we are intent on collecting as many of the best ones as possible.

Every time we go we see Malaysian, Chinese, and Singaporean visitors looking at the Jatukam amulets. It is so amazing that they have also heard about the specialness of these pendants and make it a point to visit this virtually unknown city outside Thailand – Nakhon si Thammarat.

We now have 22 of these special Thai pendants and we are going to sell one set of 7 together – probably to a collector or a Buddhist overseas, for somewhere around $1,290 – $1,490 USD. These were made in very limited quantities – I think 300 total sets, and they have the number of the iteration in the series – imprinted on the amulets. In one set of 7, you will get Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue, Yellow, Tea Colored (burnt orange), and Green.

These are 100% guaranteed authentic and bought directly from the temple. There are absolutely NO MORE of these pendants for sale at the temple – anywhere. We bought all we could find over the past couple of months. We have called in favors from some of our friends at the temple and they have found a few more for us today – to complete our collection. We couldn’t be happier finding some more of these lovely collector item pendants today. We spent way more than we intended – but, that is part of the fun I think. If they had more – we would have spent a lot more to buy them all. They are that lovely!

So, one set of 7 will be sold together. The other 15 we will sell individually or in groups of 2-4 amulets. Each pendant will likely be $239.95 and will come with a free stainless steel pendant case and we’ll ship with international registered mail with a tracking number.

Please note – these are not antique amulets, they were made recently, but the significance is that they were made and blessed by the monks AT THE ORIGINAL JATUKAM TEMPLE in Thailand. There are few really special amulets, limited edition pendants coming out of the temple these days. In fact, these are from approximately 5 years ago.

When these pendants first came out they were bought up by the hundreds by Thai collectors and devout Buddhists here in Thailand. There were and are – VERY FEW available to the public outside of Thailand. Today – as I said, there are NO more of these for sale at the temple. We have the last 22.

We have never seen even one of these pendants at the high profile pendant stores in Bangkok. Thais are keeping them for themselves and giving them to their children as keepsakes… relics of the most amazing pendants of the last century.

If you want to purchase one of these pendants – give us an email and we’ll let you know when the gallery and pages are done to showcase these amulets. We will probably put them both at ThaiAmuletStore.com and AllBuddhas.com.

OK, metta to you and yours…


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