More Jatukam Amulets – Largest Authentic Collection Available in World?

We just purchased a large number of Jatukam amulets. We have over 100 at this point, and they are, for the most part – the best ones we could find. Today we found some real gems. I don’t think we’ve priced an pendant – Jatukam or otherwise, at more than $139 USD, but we’re going to have to raise the bar for some of these. We also have a contact at the temple that can get us another 6 of the best amulets, but we’ll have to return to get them next week.

I think we probably have the nicest, original, completely 100% authentic and blessed Jatukam pendants online anywhere on the planet. That wasn’t really a goal of ours, but the way it turns out – these are some of the best quality pendants that we can find at the temples.

Have a look at our Jatukam Amulets page when you get a chance, watch it grow over the next few days as we photograph and get the order buttons and other essential information up about each of these good luck and protection amulets.

Today we picked up some limited edition copies of pendants that we already have some of. Getting duplicates is difficult, and when we return to the temple to buy some that were there the week before – often times, they are gone and we have to tell the buyer that we cannot fill their pendant order. Not a great way to go about business.

Though we don’t like to buy pendants and keep them in stock, the original Jatukum pendants are selling well and we are happy to buy them in advance – just to know that we have them in stock and can make some buyers happy.

An update to our Thai Amulet Sales service – we are now shipping quite a few pendants with tracking numbers that you can use at our Thailand Post site, as well as whatever country you are in – when the package crosses the border. This has prevented the loss of some of our best amulets, and we think it’s a good practice, and will continue shipping amulets, necklaces, and some other items this way.

If we are sending you something rare that we don’t have any more copies of, or if the item is more than $50 or so, we’ll send it with a tracking number.

Keep watching for the new pendants – and we also have MANY new waterproof pendants that we’ll be adding to the site in the days to come.

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