Wholesale Jewelry from Thailand

We have been asked about selling wholesale jewelry from here in Thailand. Selling bulk/wholesale is something we’ve considered in the past and we’ve had a few inquiries about it recently again. One of the problems we’re up against is the actual sourcing of the Thai pendants in bulk. Our pendants come from Buddhist temples. Buddhist temples sell only a couple pieces of Buddhist jewelry per day on average.

Finding Thai necklaces – silver and gold is not a problem. We can find and sell wholesale necklaces easily.

It’s finding the Buddhist pendants in any quantity that is quite a difficult situation. What we suggest is that if you’re going to try to find a lot of Thai pendants to sell:

Find some that you like at our www.ThaiAmuletStore.com site and order one of each. Figure out which pendants you really like… Ask us how many you can purchase at a time. We’ll try to find as many as we can and put in an order at the temple for more if you require more. We rarely keep any jewelry in wholesale quantities on-hand because we just don’t know what will sell from day to day. Better if we wait to buy it when you order it.

Another problem with wholesale jewelry from Thailand is shipping. Thai Post Service and customs are fickle and we never know what is going to happen with shipments. This means we do one of two things…

1. We send everything through DHL or Fedex and you’ll have to pay customs tax on it when it enters your country. We label the pendants as ornaments – which they are, but still – customs does what it wants and can charge you customs tax if they feel like it.

2. We send an pendant at a time, 2 maybe at a time… over time. This has worked well for us – and it’s how we send 99% of all Thai pendant orders because we just don’t want to take a chance on losing them to either Thai or your country’s customs staff.

3. The third option is… If you know someone that is coming to visit Thailand and you want us to send your order along with them – we can do that. They will be stopped at customs at the airport and asked if they have anything to declare- if it’s only 10 pendants or so – one can probably declare them and pay a tax and they’ll get through. Otherwise customs may just keep them.

See what we’re up against? :)

Wholesale Buddhist pendants from Thailand are tough to come by – legitimately. Sure you can buy pendants from some pendant stores in bulk by the hundreds and customs – and nobody cares… why is that? The pendants are not authentic and cost but a few baht (under $0.20) and nobody cares about those. If you want to sell those pendants you can find many suppliers of that kind of amulet. Not us though…

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