Bulk Thai Amulets For Sale

Bulk Buddhist jewelry - pendants of Buddha, Monks, Kwan Yin, Ganesh, Phra Pidta, and others.
Large selection of authentic Thai Amulets (pendants) for sale from Thailand.

Bulk Wholesale Jewelry for Sale from Thailand

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry, Wholesale Gold Jewelry.

As a wholesaler Thailand we have Buddhist Jewelry for Sale in Quantity.

Export from Thailand  –  What to Export from Thailand?

Over the past few months, we’ve had a few inquiries about offering wholesale jewelry from here in Thailand. While our Buddhist jewelry is not really wholesale fashion jewelry it is wholesale gold jewelry and it’s quite beautiful. Please browse the pages of this Thai Amulet site to get an idea of what we have.

Also – NEW – we have a ZIP file of a couple of hundred new pendants we haven’t put on the site yet. If you want to purchase the entire group of these pendants in bulk – please contact us.

Download the zip file here – 700+ photos, about 19MB in size. There are front, back, and side views of all amulets. We won’t sell them separately – this is for bulk orders of all of them. Many of the pendants have more than one – some even 20. There is a total of over 600 amulets.

Our wholesale charm jewelry is made here in Thailand and sold at the local Buddhist temples. Every pendant we sell is blessed by Ajahn Jumnean – Thailand’s Good Luck Monk – and that’s guaranteed 100%.

Our Thai jewelry comes in gold, silver, (not sterling), and sometimes brass, bronze, copper, and other materials like clay. We have been in business long enough to sell our jewelry wholesale to buyers across the world. We have not done any very large orders over 70 pieces, but that is a possibility given enough time.

We didn’t originally start selling Thailand jewelry to become involved in selling in bulk quantities – but, it’s found us anyway and we are now a small wholesaler Thailand is known worldwide for quality wholesale gold jewelry so this is what we provide usually.

Most of our pendants are gold, but we do have wholesale silver jewelry – solid silver that is collectible and quite beautiful.

We do have discounts for bulk pendant buys. Please understand that our margins are not large by any means, and, we really do donate 10% back to the temple as a gift and so we retain good karma… No, we can’t take the 10% off your order that we give to the temple!

Rare Phra Pidta pendant of solid silver from Wat Mahathat temple in Southern Thailand.
Phra Pidta special edition coin-style amulet can be worn as a pendant on a necklace when we add a silver or plastic case. ©ThaiAmuletStore.com

But, we can still give wholesale jewelry buyers 10-15% off small orders of a dozen or so amulets. If we’re shipping in bulk we will need to declare to customs whatever the order is. We will list the value as our price here so you don’t get slammed.

One customer recently told us that if we write, “Hanging ornaments” on the form then they won’t have to pay as much customs tax.

I don’t know if that’s true, but we’re going to try it and see what happens. (update – we’ve used that twice and it worked OK both times. This may change with time.)

If you order in bulk – when we tally up the price we include the $9 shipping on each pendant – though we are sending in bulk. A couple of reasons for this:

1. We make some money off shipping. It doesn’t cost us $9 to ship the pendant in most cases – so we make a couple of dollars from this.

If we remove it and give you a discount on the price then we’ll be operating on no profit margin and no point in doing business other than the thrill we get out of seeing people get these amazing amulets. Which we might do on a case-by-case basis, but not often.

2. When we send in bulk we send your package registered, insured mail with either Fedex / DHL, or EMS – the Thai Postal service’s highest standard mail. It will cost somewhere between 1,500 baht and 4,500 baht to send through the mail to you depending on what country you’re in.

We’re in the process of finding out how much it costs to ship to each country. To America – about 2,000 baht it looks like. Presently with currency exchange that means $68 USD.

If you order in large quantities – over 25 amulets, we may give you an 18% discount. If you order over 50 pendants then perhaps a 20% discount. All of this is relative to what you’re ordering. If you’re ordering 100 bracelets we probably can’t discount that much. If you’re ordering 100 pendants that retail for $79 then we can probably discount your wholesale gold jewelry purchase at 22%.

If you are interested in ordering bulk Thai gold pendants from us just send us an email and let us know your plans.  If you are visiting Thailand and need us to arrange bulk jewelry at wholesale buy – we can probably help you.

Please send us an email for wholesale Thailand jewelry inquiries.

If you want to purchase this site – you can contact us.

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