Solid Silver Buddha Jayanti 2600 Limited Edition Amulet

We have been focusing on buying very high quality pendants for the last year. Solid silver pendants are one of our favorites because they last forever, and you can hand them down to your children or other loved ones when you pass. We all pass eventually, and it’s nice to be able to give people … Read more

Gold Seated Thai Buddha in Waterproof Case

This is a solid Buddha 3 dimensional figurine that has either been gold plated or gold dipped and sits safely inside a waterproof plastic case. Excellent for active people or those that want to wear their Thai Buddha pendant through any weather. Alternatively you can look up “gold Buddha” using the search feature found on … Read more

New Thai Amulet Inventory: 800 Amulets

Over the past two months we’ve been buying Thai pendants at the two Buddhist temples near our home. We didn’t originally want to keep inventory because it’s money that goes out that takes a long time to come in. But, the temples are very inconsistent with which amulets, bracelets, yant flags, and other Buddhist accessories … Read more