Gold Somdej Buddha Pendant in Gold Case

Somdej gold Thai pendant with elaborate gold case 18K free shipping from Thailand.
$49.95 – Gold Somdej Thai pendant with gold case. Free shipping worldwide from Thailand.
Somdej pendant from Thailand - side
Luang Phor Gaow Long - Thailand monk saw future staring into candle
Luang Phor Gaow Long

This is a rectangular classic SomDej Buddha gold pendant in nice gold case. On the other side is the monk that looks into fire and can see the future. In Thai his name is, “Luang Phor Gaow Long”.

Somdej Toh born in 1788 and died in 1872 – in Buddhist years that’s 2331 to 2415. Somdej was a Thai Buddhist monk who was widely known during his time on this earth. There are rumors that he was the son of King RAMA I. He became a teacher of Prince Mongkut who later became King of Thailand known as King RAMA IV.

This is a very nice pendant that is for wearing around the neck or placing somewhere of prominence in your home – preferably head-high or higher.

Somdej is a style that is very popular in Thailand and perhaps the style most loved by Thais buying Buddha amulets.

We have just 1 of these.

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