New Metal Triangle Buddha Pendants

Here is a small sample of new Buddha pendants in the triangle shape we have sourced. We have another twenty styles of metal pendants – bronze, stainless steel, brass, nickel, iron, and some alloys that we purchased in 2013, but we have yet to post either here or on our main pendant shopping site –

For now, the pendants below are available in very limited quantity (1-2) and we are going to try to sell them before we post them at our main site. If you are interested in one of the pendants below, see our email address at the bottom of this article and write to us. Let us know your Paypal account name (email address) so we can send you an invoice.

Update: Some of the larger Buddha pendants are no longer OK to send by mail from Thailand. There is a limit. That limit might be removed later, but for now (2019) we cannot send any larger amulets/pendants/statues.

All Metal Triangle Amulet Purchases Include:

  • Worldwide shipping paid for by US
  • Free necklace to match your amulet
  • Free blessed Buddhist bracelets

This is a bronze Buddha with some sacred Pali language writing on the reverse side. The height of this triangle pendant is about 2 inches. The base is about 1 ⅜ inches wide. Item #BUDTRI6. $24.95.


This is a stainless steel plated Buddha triangle (pyramid) pendant from Thailand.  The height of this triangle pendant is about 2 inches. The base is about 1 ⅜ inches wide. Item #BUDTRI5. $24.95. Like the pendant above, we only have 2 of these in stock.


This is a weathered bronze looking Buddha pendant in an often made style. This pendant is just over an inch high, and less than one inch wide. Item #BUDSOM3. $29.95.

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