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Here are some more of our recent finds at the Wat Mahathat temple. All of these are original Jatukam pendants and can be purchased now before we add them to our pendant store at Email us at the email at the bottom of this page to get first priority for buying these rare amulets.

Tri-colored gold Jatukam Ramathep pendant from Thailand.
Reverse side of Jatukam amulet.

The pendant above is one of our premium Jatukam amulets. It is tri-color and features a gold Jatukam Ramathep figure between two copper colored naga. This is a unique amulet, we have never seen one just like it at the temple or elsewhere. Item #JATTT77. $129.95.

Tri-colored Jatukam Ramathep and Luang Phor Tuad amulet. Rare.
Reverse of Jatukam LPT pendant above.

Above is a tri-colored Jatukam Ramathep pendant featuring Luang Phor Tuad on the reverse, also tri-color. There is a control number on the reverse. This is the only pendant we have seen of this style, we have certainly never seen LPT on the reverse of a Jatukam pendant before. This is, like all the pendants on this page and the other Jatukam pages, an original authentic pendant direct from the Wat Mahathat temple in southern Thailand where Jatukam style pendants began. Item #JATLPT8. $99.95

White on white Jatukam pendant - premium and very rare from Wat Mahathat Buddhist temple in Nakhon si Thammarat, southern Thailand.
White on white reverse Jatukam amulet.

This is one of our TOP 3 favorite finds at the Wat Mahathat temple during this trip. We have never seen this same, or a similar pendant before. We love the white on white style. We love the sun and moon on the front of the amulet, I don’t think we’ve ever seen that on any other Jatukam either. This is a highly detailed amulet. The photo was taken through the protective plastic bag, so the result is less than perfect, but the pendant is stunning to see in person. We can put this in a stainless steel silver case for you, or, if you can wait a few days, we may be able to find a solid silver case for it. Add $90 for the solid silver case. Item #JATWWW8. $229.95.

Intricate design metal Jatukam amulet. Premium and rare from southern Thailand.
Reverse side of premium, rare metal Jatukam amulet.

One of our other great finds at the temple during this trip across Thailand to find amulets. This one we have only seen one other of, and we bought that one too. That sold quickly to a collector from Germany, and now we have one more of these to sell to a lucky buyer. The detail on this pendant is perfect and exquisite. This one, like the white pendant above, we wouldn’t mind keeping and saving to give to our daughter and son as we pass on. We say that for all our premium amulets. This one will look great in a stainless steel case (free), or a solid silver case (add $90). Item #JATCPP7. $219.95.

Solid copper Jatukam premium pendant from Thailand.
Reverse side of solid copper premium Jatukam amulet.

This is a solid copper Jatukam pendant that is also highly detailed and one of our best. We really love this one! Add $90 for a solid silver case, or get the stainless steel traditional silver case for free. Item #JATCIN5. $149.95.

Solid silver Jatukam Ramathep pendant from Nakhon Si Thammarat Buddhist temple in Thailand. Rare and a premium design.
Reverse side of premium solid silver Jatukam above.

This is an intricately designed solid silver Jatukam Ramathep with naga on the front, and the Wat Mahathat chedi on the reverse, surrounded by the Chinese zodiac symbols.  This would go great in a solid silver case (add $90). Item #JATSSS3. $179.95.

Heavy premium solid silver or nickel Jatukam Ramathep amulet.
Reverse side of premium Jatukam above.

This is yet another very intricately designed Jatukam Ramathep pendant with Jatukam seated on the front and the traditional temple chedi on the reverse side. The metal on this pendant is very heavy, either solid silver or solid nickel. The mold was perfect and it is one of our TOP 5 pendants we have at the moment. We bought 2 of these, and we know they will go fast. Item #JATNIR8. $139.95.

Blue, red, gold Jatukam amulet.
Reverse side of blue, red, gold Jatukam.

This blue with red Jatukam is a nice color combination and goes well with the gold of the pendant and case. The case can be replaced with a silver stainless steel case easily, just ask if that’s what you prefer. Item #JATRB77. $49.95.

Silver, red and blue Jatukam amulet.
Reverse side of silver, red, and blue Jatukam pendant from Thailand.

Like the gold Jatukam above, this one has silver in place of the gold with a gold case. The case looks silver here, but it is gold. Item #JATRB44. $49.95.

Red, black and silver Jatukam Ramathep amulet.
Reverse side of red, black and silver Jatukam amulet.

This red and black with gold Jatukam has a silver pendant background and a gold case. Keep in mind you can change the case if you want – just let us know if you’d prefer the stainless steel case. Item #JATRB21. $49.95.

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