New Styles – Thai Amulets, Necklaces, Bracelets!

We just returned from a big shopping trip and will have some new styles of Thailand pendants and necklaces and bracelets. This trip was to focus on getting more silver colored pendants in silver cases, white pendants in silver cases, and some unique shapes and styles of pendants we have never sold before. Stay tuned, we’re going to ramp up the design of our site and get rid of some old inventory as well as add new pages and new formatting to the site.

We bought over 300 pendants today, and we bought over 700 necklaces, and more than 900 bracelets. We have a lot of photos to take!

In addition we also spent a lot on some solid silver pendants we found that were really special. if you have an interest in some really lovely solid silver Buddha pendants for gifts for loved ones in stainless or solid silver cases – let us know and we’ll show you the pages as they go live at the blog here!

One thing in particular that we bought today that we’re extra excited about is a Buddha carved from a white stone. It is NOT ivory, we don’t ever sell that. It is not white jade. It is a stone that is lovely, and the detail on this little statue (6 inches high?) is really nice. We’ll be selling it here within a few days. Just need some good photos.

OK, make sure you come back and visit us in the next few days and weeks to see which new pendants are getting put up here. We typically put all pendant necklaces here first, and later add them to the main site. This is the site. They are sister sites, and related, but not the same really. You can see the different formatting and information on each of them. The Thai Amulet Sales Blog is more updated for sure!

Ok, see you here in a day or so… :))

With Metta Friends!

Abby B

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