New Thai Amulet Inventory: 800 Amulets

Kwan Yin is the goddess of compassion and is traditionally from Chinese Buddhist mythology. She is shown riding a dragon and in a flowing white gown, one of the typical styles for Kwan Yin.
Kwan Yin riding on a golden dragon. I think we have one of these amulets left in 2019.

Over the past two months we’ve been buying Thai pendants at the two Buddhist temples near our home. We didn’t originally want to keep inventory because it’s money that goes out that takes a long time to come in.

But, the temples are very inconsistent with which amulets, bracelets, yant flags, and other Buddhist accessories they have available and ordering is a long process that takes months to fulfill an order. We’re still waiting on some white Buddha Thai pendants we ordered 5+ months ago! Supposedly they are coming in about 10 days – we’ll see!

The temple isn’t a business – so we understand! But, we had to take things into our own hands a little bit. We purchased over 800 Thai pendants to sell – and probably 300 Thai pendants are not on any of the pages you see here on the Thai Amulet Sales Blog ( – or the main site (

We’re trying to figure out what to do about getting them all up online so you can see them and order them. There are some really beautiful gold pendants that would make perfect gifts from Thailand. We may just put up page after page of photos of the inventory we have and you can order right from that page. We’ll give you a front and reverse side shot of the pendants and tell you what they are. This way we don’t have to make separate galleries for the images and order pages with all the info.

I think that’s how we’ll handle this Thai pendant dilemma. We just don’t have time to give each one a separate page – especially since most of the pendants we have now are singles – we only have one amulet, not many of the same amulets.

Those of you that have ordered know that we almost always put extra freebies in the envelope with your Thai pendant orders. If you don’t know – now you do! We bought about 50 black necklaces of different styles that we will either be selling or giving away with the Thai amulet. Not sure which. Currently, we give a Yant flag, but they are bulky and maybe give the postal people a curious mind about what’s inside. They also have slightly pointed edges which one post office told us wasn’t so cool.

So – we’ll see about that too.


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