Thai Amulet Restocking Trip – Success

We took a road trip to one of our favorite temples, and the most famous Buddhist temple in southern Thailand today. The purpose of the trip was to visit with a friend of mine that just had another baby – this one a girl! So I visited with her and her son, while my hubby … Read more

New Thai Amulet Inventory: 800 Amulets

Over the past two months we’ve been buying Thai pendants at the two Buddhist temples near our home. We didn’t originally want to keep inventory because it’s money that goes out that takes a long time to come in. But, the temples are very inconsistent with which amulets, bracelets, yant flags, and other Buddhist accessories … Read more

Best Place in Thailand to Buy Thai Amulets?

The best place to find Thai pendants to buy in Thailand is, of course, at one of the many Buddhist temples in the country. After studying Buddhist pendants for a few months we decided that the best way we could begin an pendant business was by offering pendants straight from the Buddhist temples close to … Read more

List of Important Buddhist Figures On Our Amulets

Stone carved Buddha in waterproof case shipped free from Thailand

Here is a list of the Thai pendants we have – the important deities and other people and symbols, animals, and whatnot – we have on our amulets Buddhist Figures Buddha – Sathorn, Chinnarat, Emerald Buddhas, Somdej, other Unique Buddhas Kwan Yin – the goddess of compassion. We have Kwan Yin riding a tiger, standing … Read more