Thai Amulet Note – Bangkok vs. Other Temple Amulets

This is a short note to tell you something about the way the Buddhist pendant business works in Thailand. I don’t know it all – and will readily tell you that, however, there are things I’ve learned through the years about Thai pendants that will help you choose the right pendant for yourself or for a gift.

Thai pendants are basically one of two kinds:

1. Made in Bangkok by jewelers to sell for as much money as possible.

2. Made in rural temples, or in Bangkok by authorized Buddhist temple monks or laypersons, that are sold only by the temple and blessed by the temple abbot.

We sell only pendants in the #2 category.

Thai pendants are a gigantic, thriving business in Thailand. There are pendants for every sort of ailment, luck, bad luck, and of every color and design, every material you could think of. Selling pendants in Thailand is a massive and sometimes dark industry where replicas are sold as originals for many thousands of Thai Baht to unsuspecting buyers.

We never wanted to become a part of that side of the business. What we wanted to do, and what we have done  – is create a place where people like you can buy authentic temple created or temple commissioned pendants that are blessed by the Buddhist abbot, and are genuine and as pure authentic as you can find.

If you buy online you don’t often know what you’re getting.

If a website is selling old pendants – that might be a clue that they either – don’t know what they are doing, and so are trying to sell something  just to make a quick dollar. Or, they might be genuine, authentic old pendant sellers that have great pendants to sell.

How would you know?

I wouldn’t know, and I’ve been here for years now. I would say that the only way you are going to really “know” the pendants are genuine is to deal with the people. Are they living in Bangkok? Or, living outside Bangkok? I have found that the vast majority of online Thai pendant site owners live in Bangkok and are more interested in the dollars they can make with Buddhist amulets. They are not concerned with who blessed the pendants and will make things up to tell buyers to get them to buy. The name of the game in Bangkok is to SELL AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Quality? Doesn’t matter.

If you are buying pendants – be careful. There are many Thai and western Thai pendant sellers alike that aren’t concerned about what they are selling. We here, are concerned and we only sell pendants from two temples here in Southern Thailand.

If you are interested in seeing pendants we have for sale, go to our main site ( and browse Thai pendants for sale. :)

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  1. Will be in BKK next week and have a Buddhist Amulet that I have been told to be rare. Would like to come by for your opinion. interested in selling the pendent. It needs to be in Thailand, thanks Wayne

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